Our Facility

Blue Creek Whitetails Deer Breeders owns some of the finest deer handling facilities in Texas. We have been breeding trophy Whitetail deer since 1995, and we've constructed state-of-the-art facilities to support a successful artificial insemination program and to promote low-stress deer handling. A great deal of research was done in the creation of our breeding facilities. We've incorporated tried-and-true designs that work well with our pen layout and a deer's natural movement instincts. This approach allows us to calmly and safely handle our deer through all procedures, including a vaccination program, laproscophic and trans-cervical artificial insemination, semen draws, and minor medical treatments.
It is our goal to produce as genetically superior a Whitetail possible. We use top-of-the-industry semen to inseminate our tried-and-true does. Contact Blue Creek Whitetails Deer Breeders for additional information about our AI program.